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Bespoke Development

  • • Requirements Analysis
  • • Functional Design
  • • Technical Design
  • • Development & Testing
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WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, ...

The most popular platforms for building modern websites - and the Content Management Systems and tools to run them.

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Creation and Management of the infrastructure for all your SEO and digital marketing strategies through Analytics and Social Media

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Design and Build components to plug into your preferred Platform, Architecture or Framework.

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Your concept developed with you engaged, allowing your ideas to evolve and grow

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An online presence needs ongoing support and enhancement to stay fresh and up to date in a fast changing environment

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Simple CMS

List, Edit and Upload - software components for inclusion in client's CMS
Dynamic addition of up to 10 text blocks with formatting options.

• Php, CSS, HTML, JQuery, Javascript, MySql


Feed processor - store Catalog generator.

• Php, CSS, HTML, JQuery, Javascript, MySql


Web portal for Irish Writing

Publically maintained and searchable database of all things to do with Irish literature

• Php, Bootstrap 3, JQuery, Javascript, AJAX, MySql

Nielsen Bookdata data feed

Dashboard web application.

• Php, CSS, HTML, JQuery, Javascript, MySql



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